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Active security service EDR

In times of both, active and passive threats, it is all the more important to actively protect a company’s infrastructure against modern attacks, such as modern ransomware. This is where Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology comes into play, which actively protects the system by analysing the behaviour of processes.


Risk-based vulnerability management

Reduction in the number of vulnerabilities by dynamically prioritising remediation measures based on specific risks. The risk-based factor saves your IT team up to 80 per cent of remediation time, which is not the case with standard vulnerability management solutions.


Security hardware

„We have a firewall and antivirus – isn’t that enough?“

NO, not anymore! We can provide you with advice on security hardware as well as hardware such as firewalls, switches and telemetry or privacy solutions.

We therefore always recommend that our customers use at least one intrusion prevention system and an associated deep packet inspection system.

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